Last night staged a thunderstorm of Biblical ferocity.  The thunder was so loud it seemed that the windows were vibrating, and you could feel the static in the air.  Since the tectonic activity my faith in the stability of the building has grown, though it was severely tested last night.  Within minutes the streets had become raging torrents, and the rain was so heavy it could have left bruises, and in such quantities that you wonder how it is possible that so much water can be up in the sky to begin with.  The rodents and I observed a cease-fire for the duration of the tempest.  The resulting power cut lasted only a few hours, and I am rarely without a torch - not wishing to let the side down - and my ever-present survival kit contains a candle, so I was well illuminated.  However, navigating squat toilet facilities by candle light is not something I'd recommend.  Also, it has been several years since I was only saved from being struck by lightning by a strategically positioned answer machine, so I was able to enjoy the show.  A byproduct of the storm was that Debbie Gibson's 'Electric Youth', which had been stuck in my head for the last few days, has been replaced by 'The Lightning Tree'.  Topical though this song is, it traumatised me when I was learning it on the recorder, as it upset me that the tree was alone and had had it's heart cracked.

Unfortunately the storm did not do much to calm the humidity.  As a result of the heat I have taken to conducting my daily wanderings early in the morning, when it seems the city's elderly do the same.  I've noticed that they do multiple circuits of the same small area for hours on end, which does give the place the feel of a care home suffering a zombie plague, though I think I've escaped being bitten thus far.  I thought that I was suffering some type of heat-induced hallucination when I saw a large group of men wearing matching purple crimplene trousers, though when I got nearer they were real, perhaps a stag party.

Top snack of the day - 'Green Mung Bean Fresh Lily Yoghurt'.