Thankfully recent days have been without natural disasters/acts of God, which is always a bonus.  The heat has persisted, though this has dried out my laundry quickly so I shan't complain.  Last night the adjoining studio hosted a piano recital.  It was very enjoyable, the young chap treated us to Beethoven's Pathetique, and was not annoyed when a phone rang.  As it was his own phone I suppose he couldn't really throw a diva strop.  He had spent the afternoon rehearsing, and at one point came through to my studio and gesticulated at me in a most agitated state.  Through the power of mime I managed to establish that he wished to borrow some nail clippers, which I was delighted to be able to supply.  I had been feeling somewhat melancholy, and it only occurred to me later that this was probably related to the theme from 'Schindler's List' being practiced for several hours.  Since I neglected to bring my Flugal Horn with me I didn't join in; probably sensible, I'm not certain how fond the Chinese are of Brass Bands.

In more musical news, the 'Chongqing Concerto for Train, Lorry and Siren', performed daily as a 4am fanfare, has a new movement.  I was surprised to hear a horn which sounded exactly like the yodelling bit from 'The Lonely Goatherd'.  Devoted as I am to Julie Andrews, the thought that a response from a Dick Van Dyke themed horn was a serious concern.  Had it been 'Le Jazz Hot' however, that would have been an entirely different matter.  Ear plugs would be a solution but I am unable to sleep with them in as the certainty that they'll somehow be sucked into my brain keeps me awake.  In non musical events, I embarrassed myself in a shop by squealing like a girl when a tiny kitten pounced onto my shoulder from a shelf of vacuum packed tofu snacks.  Cute as the little beast was, I fear that I cannot return to that shop for fear of further disgracing the empire or being set upon by an entire litter.

Beverage of choice:  'TY Avril Lavigne Lemon Ice Tea', I had no idea she was so globally relevant.  I'm also very excited to have discovered the 'Combat Zone' series of Lego ('Brick' as it is called here).  It is a sad loss to the British Lego market that we do not have access to this range.  I sense a business opportunity.