The last few days have seen the arrival of the summer, after what I'm told was an unusually long spring.  Temperatures, humidity and smog has increased, as have the local aromas which I had been adapting to.  There have also been some spectacular thunderstorms, although my traditional enjoyment at watching them was lessened a little by the strength of the wind and the wafer thin walls.  But it was nice that something could drown out the constant chorus of car horns, and I can understand that the rodents were anxious to get out of the torrential downpour.

On Wednesday I was surprised to find approximately forty art students in my studio, seemingly fascinated by the first aid kit I'd left on my desk.  They were also curious as to why I had been drawing the image of Margaret Thatcher onto Hell Bank notes, and I'm not sure my explanation translated well.  They also seemed particularly excited by the 'Alphabetical Facial Hair Identification Chart', but as I haven't seen any spectacular beard attempts it was probably the novelty of it.  A few students returned that evening to make use of the piano in the adjoining studio - excellent and enjoyable though their 'Moonlight Sonata' was, I had been looking forward to an early night.   I was glad not to have left the knitted Sarah Lund who has accompanied me in a visible position, I'm not sure how that explanation would have gone, not that I consider one necessary.  Studying the Hell Bank notes whilst decorating them with the late Baroness and making some sculptures with them, it seems a little inappropriate that the image of Potala Palace in Lhasa is proudly used on the reverse of the 50 Yuan notes, but I think it wise that I don't bring the subject up.

Current favourite snack choice: 'Tribute Date Donkey Hide Gelatin'.