Since my show has opened, and my official duties are done, I had been looking forward to doing some sightseeing.  Typically, my body decided this was the appropriate time to stage a protest, and the last few days have involved more vomiting than is ideal, somewhat curtailing my planned itinerary.  And I felt unable to take full advantage of a sumptuous feast after a gallery opening.  All manner of delicious pork, beef, duck, fish, tofu (though I don't really approve of it), vegetables, pickles and unidentifiable things, especially cuboids of radish flavoured with apple and blackcurrant arranged like a game of Jenga.  The students sat at the table were impressed by my and another British artists ability to drink a lot of wine, though we felt we were very restrained by usual standards.  They were also very excited by the whiteness of my skin, which was a change from the usual ridicule I receive.  I am also considering an attempt to re-introduce the Lazy Susan to the dining tables of the UK.
I've been enjoying selecting exciting souvenirs, and am considering treating myself to a new pair of shoes; after more than two months with one pair of trainers (take note those of you who think it is acceptable to pack 5 pairs of shoes for a weekend break) as I'm concerned they may be classed as a health risk and I'll be quarantined on my return.
Destination restaurant:  'Must Taste Duck Neck'.