The last few days has seen the belated arrival of my traditional tonsilitis style illness whenever I travel by plane.  As I think I'm the only (non rodent) person in the studios overnight, the associated snoring/teeth grinding/night sweats don't seem to be affecting any others, and I obviously travel with a fully stocked pharmacy.  Whilst travelling about I was shown my local earthquake shelter, which was something I hadn't thought to worry about; I'm not sure how much warning earthquakes traditionally give, as well as the difficulties sheltering from something emanating from beneath.  Some years ago when we were smited on Boxing Day Jodie Foster (the cat, I'm not sure how the great lady herself reacted) sought shelter on the window sill so in the event I will try to follow her advice.  Fiona favoured the staying in bed method, which also has its merits.
Yesterday was a spectacular day of eating - lunch at the Fine Arts Institute with a man who it turned out was the 'Party Officer' for the Art School.  I don't think I caused any diplomatic incidents, and I was complimented on my deftness with chop sticks, much to my delight.  I actually enjoyed eating courgette for the first time in my life, but couldn't bring myself to sample the stomach - animal unknown.  This was followed up with an excellent dinner (80 yuan/£10 for 4, including drinks and service) including chicken with peanuts, sticky ribs and a handmade noodle dish whose epic quantities of garlic and chilli thoroughly sorted out my congestion.
In other news my efforts to lobby the IOC to include 'Developing World Road Crossing' at Rio 2016 continue; I am a serious medal contender.  In professional news I have, after an exhaustive search, found a satisfactory drawing pen, the supply I brought with me running low.  I can hear the sighs of relief from all this way.
Current Supermarket highlight - 'Chongqing Strange Flavour Horse Beans'.