I have been aclimatising over the last few days and have thus far managed to avoid accidentally causing any diplomatic incidents, although a tank did drive down the street this evening but I'm sure it's nothing to do with me.  The city is vast, unending concrete towers seemingly sprouting from any available ground.  During my wanderings I've encountered the sock, vegetable and hardware night market, and it seems that I'm resident in the art materials and flip flop district of the city, which is handy.  Having been a little reluctant to risk my very rudimentary Mandarin I've been utilising my mime skills - successfully furnishing myself with water, washing powder and sketch pads, in addition to a heavy suitcase and large glass box - this evening I managed to order what I think was the dish I wanted, and more importantly a beer.  The studios here are great, very spacious and light filled, and the artists are all very busy and friendly.  Earlier today I discovered I can listen to Radio 4 so all is well with the world, although unfortunately it was during Thought for the Day, but very welcome nonetheless.  And I bought some Marmite with me so I'm establishing a small out post of the old country, only without the tea-for-opium exchange.