I am feeling much relief as my show opened on Saturday, and seemed to go well.  The posters had the wrong exhibition title, but I wasn't credited as Naomi Campbell which happened on a previous occasion, so that's something.  There was no translator so I have no idea what was said in the opening speeches, but the tone sounded complimentary.

A few nights ago I was again surprised by the photographer, this time in my pyjamas (acceptable at 11pm I think), but after some negotiating he allowed me to slip into something less comfortable.  I think it was for a local magazine, but I'll keep an eye out for myself popping up on nightwear/dirt-encrusted fetish sites, I don't want a repeat of the time I accidentally appeared naked in 'The Herald'.

Sorting the lighting for the show tested my powers of mime, but I was glad of the assistance of a couple of students, particularly given the 'potential death trap' of the ladder.  There was a good turnout, and the 'Emergency Art' take home sachets I had made went down well.  Coincidentally, a man I used to work with some years ago happens to work here, so it was good to be able to hold a spontaneous Gloucestershire County Council Library Services reunion.

During today's leisurely wanderings around the railway line and power station (I am my father's daughter) I suffered the misfortune of being hit in the face by a large unfolding parasol.  Embarrassing as this was, the subsequent gushing nose bleed was more of an annoyance, and my attempts to communicate "no, I'm fine, don't worry, it happens all the time" through gestures while stemming the flow did little to calm the parasol wielding woman.  However, it was less traumatic than the time I spent 40 minutes bent over a sink in the McDonalds toilet in Dundee in 1995 with a similar complaint.  I knew no good would come of an interest in locomotives.

Current snack of choice:  'Fine Food Long Tasty Beef Jewel'.