I have begun installing my exhibition - opens Saturday at 7 if anyone is in the area - and am making a wall drawing.  Last time I was engaged in such an undertaking (assisting a friend, tis is my first time) I ended up spending a fortnight as Al Jolson.  Obviously people come into the gallery to have a look at what's happening during times I'm lying on the floor struggling to create a uniform field of lines.  I'm guessing I'll look particularly stunning in the photos taken by a local photographer at one of these times.  Wandering about I got caught in a shower, which was handy as it rinsed off some of the dust on my face, and I wasn't wearing a white t-shirt, so I decided to indulge in a round of 'spot the Quaker' while sheltering.  However, I had to give up as socks with sandals are the favoured look here so it was to difficult to differentiate.  Or I suppose the city could be a hot bed of fans of Fox.

Excitingly this week I ate an aubergine dish I enjoyed, but I wasn't brave enough to sample the 'old egg' which was a greenish hue and had a bit of jelly attached to it.  It seems that all of the many cats in the city (they are everywhere, except the building I'm in which acts as the rat's FOB) have come into season, so I am nightly serenaded by screeching and mewling - at least I think its the cats, it could be that the neighbours are worshipers of Elaine Paige.