After spending some time at the University, working with students (who attend lectures at 8:30am) and exploring the fabulous purpose built ruins and amphitheatre type structure that has been constructed, I have noticed that there seems to be a universal language of academics being unable to correctly operate a powerpoint presentation.  There also seemed to be some form of biblical plague.  Thousands of miniscule toads were hopping along the campus roads, all in the same direction, in what was beginning to resemble an epic death march.  Each time a car drove by it left a mass grave behind it.  There didn't seem any alarm from the students, so I assume it's an annual event, but I'll keep a look out for eruptions of boils just to be on the safe side.  I also seemed to have stumbled into a mass episode of 'Watercolour Challenge', the landscaped campus awash with easels and parasols, but unfortunately I was unable to locate Hannah Gordon, or her Chinese equivalent.  And I was delighted to find out that the motto of the massive building project which is the campus is 'University City - Versatile Pie'.

Travelling to and from the University, I have been struck by a paradox; how can the population of China have reached 1.35 billion when so many of its citizens choose to helmetlessly cycle the wrong way, weaving between lanes, of the motorways?